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FFRPL, Central Library, and all branches will be *closed* Friday, December 22; Saturday, December 23; [Sunday, December 24]; and Monday, December 25, 2023 for Christmas.

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FFRPL is the 501(c)(3) charity that raises funds, presents programssupports special projectshelps create specialized spaces, and purchases supplemental materials & equipment for the Rochester Public Library.

Tuesday Topics 2024 will showcase some of the Library’s Branches, and will be held 12pm-1pm in Central Library’s Kate Gleason Auditorium.

View/download the Winter brochure.

February 6; register
Bruce Tehan, Site Supervisor for the Arnett Branch, will discuss highlights from 2023 (their 100th year of service); mobile services they provide such as Books by Bike; special inventory (including oversized games used for outreach, which FFRPL helped purchase) and other unique features of the Branch, which was named the 2015 Library of the Year by the Rochester Regional Library Council.

February 13; register
Lincoln Branch and the Toy Library now have new furniture, fixtures, equipment, and toys in a redesigned and renovated building in the Joseph/Avenue D area. Sarah Lehman, Site Supervisor for the Branch, will discuss the renovation and its community impact. FFRPL helped raise funds for the project.

February 20; register
Johanna Buran, Site Supervisor for Maplewood, will provide an overview of the Branch’s forthcoming renovations; an update from the Library’s community input sessions; and the anticipated impact of the Expansion Project, including use of the space that will be 33% larger. Groundbreaking for Maplewood is slated for 2024, with construction through 2026.

February 27; register
Cathy Kyle, Site Supervisor for the Lyell Branch Library, will talk about the anticipated impact of RPL’s new Book Mobile, which will support the expansion of outreach services to Rochester residents. FFRPL helped fund the collaboration with RIT’s industrial students, who will assist with the retrofit of the van to be used. Lyell will serve as the primary location for the Book Mobile and Central Library will serve as the secondary location.

Watch archived Tuesday Topics videos on the RPL YouTube channel at ‘Rochester Public Library NY’

Winter 2023 talks supported RPL’s tagline ‘More Than You Think.’

(held February 7)

Jeff Bostic, Central Library’s Digital Media Associate for the imagineYOU Digital Media Learning Lab gave an overview of the Lab’s major components: Music Production, Video Production, Digital Art, Photography, and eSports.

watch Jeff’s presentation

View/download Jeff’s PowerPoint presentation

(held February 14, 12pm-1pm, via Zoom)

Jay Osborne shared his experience working in the Rochester Public Library’s Technology Center, and the essential role his division has in empowering some of the city’s neediest residents.

(held February 21, 12pm-1pm (in person) Central Library’s Kate Gleason Auditorium

Antoine Ajani McDonald, Librarian in Central’s Local History & Genealogy Division, provided an overview of how the Library helps to foster Equity and Justice in our society with diverse cultural community representation in programs and services, including Central’s Archive of Black History and Culture Project.

Winter 2022 (click to view)

Our Winter 2022 Tuesday Topics series was online only. We focused on the Rochester Public Library’s critical role in fostering Children’s Literacy, Jobs and the Economy, and Equity and Justice.

Winter 2021 (click to view)

Our Winter 2021 Tuesday Topics series was online only. We focused on racial equity and the role of Libraries throughout the pandemic. Our roster included new content as well as relevant past programs. Please note: only the 3 talks on racial equity/inclusion are on this playlist; relevant past programs aren’t cross-referenced here.

Winter 2020 (click to view)

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