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FFRPL is the 501(c)(3) charity that raises funds, presents programssupports special projectshelps create specialized spaces, and purchases supplemental materials & equipment for the Rochester Public Library.

Planned Giving to FFRPL

While support of our annual, capital and special project campaigns is integral to the well-being of the Rochester Public Library, a planned gift is a great way to invest in the library’s future. We have adopted the practice of placing most of the planned gifts that we receive into our investment account, so that the funds will grow in value as they generate income over time. This means that your gift will continue to benefit the library well into the future.

The simplest and most common way to make a planned gift is to leave a bequest in your will, made out to the Friends & Foundation of the Rochester Public Library. Bequests are usually simple to establish, although a brief consultation with your attorney is recommended whenever you are creating or making changes to your will.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about making the Rochester Public Library a part of your legacy. If you are considering making a planned gift, please contact our Executive Director, Donna Borgus, at (585) 428-8321 or at donna.borgus@libraryweb.org.

FFRPL will work with you to determine the option that best meets your donation parameters and objectives, including:

All of these gifts may be designated as unrestricted (any amount) or restricted ($10,000 or greater). If you are planning to restrict your gift for a special purpose, you are invited to consult with staff at FFRPL to assure that your objectives can be met.

Over the years, the generosity of individuals and families has led to the creation of a variety of funds held by the Friends & Foundation of the Rochester Public Library that are used for a wide range of purposes for the Rochester Public Library.

To give a gift to an existing fund today, complete ‘Endowment Funds Supporting Special Library Projects’ form and mail to: FFRPL 115 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604.

To create a new fund, please contact FFRPL Executive Director Donna Borgus at 585-428-8321 or Donna.Borgus@libraryweb.org. The funds are under three categories: Programs & Services, Special Projects, and Supplemental Materials & Equipment, as shown below:

Programs & Services: 

Chester F. Carlson Patent & Trademark Center Fund
Established July 2009
For activities of the Carlson Center for Intellectual Property

Friends of the Rochester Public Library Legacy Fund 
Established July 2012
For signature programs started by the Friends of the Rochester Public Library

George R. Parsons Jr. Fund for Branch Libraries 
Established November 1999
For programs for children, youth and families in Rochester Public Library branch libraries

Harold Hacker Fund for the Advancement of Libraries
Established October 2006
To further education for librarians and library staff with training provided by Rochester Regional Library Council; and to further innovative library projects and programs at Rochester Regional Library Council member libraries and the Monroe County Library and Pioneer Library Systems and their member libraries.

Irving L. Kessler, Esq. Fund in Memory of Rose & Max Kessler 
Established November 2011
For programs & services of the Rochester Public Library and Outreach & Extension Services

Sharon & Ron Salluzzo Fund for Librarians Serving Children & Teens 
Established October 2016
For continuing education for Monroe County Library System librarians providing Youth Services to children and teens

Albert O. Fenyvessy Fund for Branch Libraries*
Established September 2008
Established by a bequest from Albert Fenyvessy, a photographer and business owner who was very generous to the Rochester community. Its purpose is to support the branch libraries that serve the neighborhoods of the City of Rochester.

Anthony Mascioli Revocable Trust*
Established April 2015
Established by a bequest from Anthony Mascioli. Its purpose is to provide a series of arts and cultural programs, with a focus on LGBTQ+ issues.

*Note: Based on the donor’s original interests, this fund may be used for the purposes described above but is not required to be a permanently endowed fund. In order to provide a continued benefit to the Library, FFRPL has invested this money but retains the option to change future expenditures based on changing Library needs.

Special Projects: 

Equality Fund for Humanity & Enlightenment 
Established November 2017
The income from the fund will be used for library resources, programs and materials, in pursuit of
a world free of discrimination, to promote education and equality of opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer, intersex, asexual (LGBTQIA) people, especially those who intersect with any or all of the following: youth, impoverished people, feminists, people of color, immigrants and all members of the public who wish to educate themselves regarding the above people. All resources, programs and materials are to be secular in point of view, and materials and resources in the sciences or social sciences must be based on research conducted using the scientific method.

Stephan & Mary Clarke Fund for Digitization & Preservation of Genealogical Records
Established November 2016
For the digitization and preservation of genealogical research materials

Supplemental Materials & Equipment: 

Edna & Kenneth Kroll Fund for Library Audio-Visual Equipment 
Established August 2017
For audio visual equipment for the Reynolds Media Center and related departments

Frances Weis Holtzman Fund for Literature & Poetry 
Established November 2004
For poetry and English literature books and materials for Central Library

Kate Gleason History Fund 
Established April 1996
For support of history and local history divisions

Kusler-Cox Fund for Outreach 
Established May 2015
For library activities for the visually impaired, in part through the work of the Outreach & Extension Division of Central Library

Myles Yerden Fund for Outreach & Extension Services 
Established April 2007
For support of the Rochester Public Library Outreach & Extension Division

Robert & Georgianna Becker Fund for Local History in Memory of Walter F. Becker 
Established December 2015
For upkeep and enhancement of equipment in the Walter F. Becker Center of Central Library’s Local History & Genealogy Division

Ruby M. Jefferson Memorial Book Fund 
Established May 2011
For books for elementary school age children in the City of Rochester, in order to promote literacy and build the self-esteem of elementary school students.

Sybil S. Craig Fund for International Relations 
Established January 2011
For books (hard copy or electronic), periodicals and scholarly journals dealing with international relations and world affairs at Central Library

Toy Resource Center – Toy Library Fund 
Established February 2000
Supports the Toy Library at the Lincoln Branch, for borrowing toys at no cost by using a library card

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20 Fund For the Vietnam Learning Center at Central Library 
Established December 2008
For material related to the Vietnam War era and the Vietnam Learning Center in the Science & History Division of Central Library

William Brewster Lee Fund for Humor In Our Lives 
Established February 2006
For library books and materials with a humorous theme pertinent to the varied subject matter in the
Central Library divisions

William E. Beeney Fund for Children’s Books & Programs 
Established in March 1999
For the purchase of children’s books and children’s programming

Our most recent 990 annual financial report may be obtained here, or from the NYS Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, 3rd Floor,New York, NY 10271 or online from www.charitiesnys.com by searching for our tax ID number: 16-1347453.