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FFRPL is the 501(c)(3) charity that raises funds, presents programssupports special projectshelps create specialized spaces, and purchases supplemental materials & equipment for the Rochester Public Library.


1 | Student Info.

Enter the YouTube link (without password protection) for a Performance entry.

2 | Permission to Publish

Your submission and completed form grants FFRPL the right to publish your work if your writing is selected as a winning entry: in print form (as part of a booklet distributed at the awards ceremony) and electronically, as outlined below in section 3.
Please check the box.
If no parent/guardian e-mail is available, provide a mailing address; a copy of this form will be e-mailed or sent to them.

3 | Agreement Terms

FFRPL and Drake Memorial Library of The College at Brockport are excited to host the winning submissions of the 2021 Sokol High School Literary Awards Contest on the FFRPL website (www.ffrpl.org) and on Digital Commons @Brockport, Drake Memorial Library, The College at Brockport, SUNY: digitalcommons.brockport.edu/sokol. Digital Commons @Brockport is an online, open access repository of scholarly and creative works. There is no cost to be in Digital Commons, and no cost for anyone to access it. If your work is selected as a winning entry, FFRPL will provide Drake Memorial Library with your name, school, grade level and the file of your winning submission.
  • I grant FFRPL and Drake Memorial Library the non-exclusive right to post my submission electronically on their web sites and as part of the Digital Commons @Brockport;
  • My entry does not infringe on any copyright, violate any proprietary rights, or have any derogatory content
  • The work I am submitting does not invade anyone’s privacy
  • The entry has not been published elsewhere with the same content or in the same format
  • I have the full right to enter this agreement and have retained full rights to the work I am submitting; the work has not been sold, mortgaged, or otherwise granted to anyone else and it is free from all liens and claims

4 | Refer Us to a Friend!

If you know another student who might be interested in submitting work to the Sokol contest, please provide their e-mail here. We will send the Sokol flyer to them.

5 | Submit Your Entry Via Email

After you complete and submit this online form, you will be asked to submit your Poetry, Prose, or Performance entry via e-mail in a Word document (typed, double spaced, 12-point font). NO name or identifying information should be on the work; just the title.